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“Spit at the American Gentlemen” : North Korean State Media Rolls Out the Welcome Mat for Google

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A short article released on January 10 in Pyongyang was fairly enervating, though no news media outlet seems to have picked it up yet. Nor, as Daniel Pinkston has pointed out already, has any Western media picked up on any of Pyongyang’s bellicose statements before, during, or after the Google visit. That’s an awfully odd way to report (or, more accurately, not report) on a country. Near the end of this Rodong Sinmun attack on US gun culture wherein modern things like skyscrapers […]

Algorithms of Revolution and Control in Pyongyang and Guangzhou

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An American entrepreneur arrives at the doorstep of a system that clearly sees digitization as a tool of social control.  North Korea is, as one wise man howled from the back of a long socialist queue, “hell bent on controlling the market and its digital trappings.” So what is Eric Schmidt doing in the Democratic People’s Republic of Firewall? And is it really obligatory for us to cheer him on like a bunch of digital Jacobins, positing the man as […]

Commenting on the Associated Press Bureau in Pyongyang

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In reference to: Joshua Stanton, “AP Exclusive: North Koreans say Kim Jong Il is like Jesus, only bigger!,” One Free Korea [blog], April 9, 2012. Yes, the AP should indeed have consulted a few historians about Kim Il Sung’s claims in “With the Century,” or Googled what Hwang Jong-yop had to say about Kim Il Sung’s 40-volume “Works” (neither Hwang nor the Works are mentioned in the article).  Balance could have been better achieved through […]

Cultural Power Battle Threads

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– The Telegraph reports in alarmist fashion about Hu Jintao warning, as the newspaper headline puts it, of “cultural warfare from the West” – A closer examination of the story indicates that Hu Jintao’s “battle cry,” above, was a speech given on October 18, 2011, that was republished yesterday in the preemminent journal for CCP theory, Qiushi (Seeking Truth / 求是). In fact most of the speech is not at all about the West, but the […]

Yalu River Notes: On Dandong

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The following is a cross-post from  And King Tubby (a regular commenter on both this site and David Bandurski’s essential China Media Project) points out a new Los Angeles Times article that deals with the matter of North Korean capitalism from a different angle.  Along the frontier between North Korea’s North Hamgyong province and the PRC’s Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region, journalists, according to Chosun Ilbo, have been encountered problems with Chinese police. Not so for Jeremy […]

The Online Side of “Social Management” in China

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The China Media Project at Hong Kong University was kind enough to host yours truly last June at a conference on new media and journalism in East Asia, and they continue, frankly, to impress the hell out of me.  It is both a testimony to the importance of the China Media Project and the need for more emulation of this program that CMP remains one of the few truly bilingual outfits out there endeavoring to […]