Adam Cathcart joined the School of History at the University of Leeds in 2013, where he researches Sino-Japanese relations and teaches modules focusing on World War II in East Asia, war crimes trials after 1945, and the US occupation of Japan.

Cathcart’s publications have stemmed from the Chinese Foreign Ministry Archive, as well mass publications (like cartoons and songs) indicative of popular anti-Japanese nationalism spanning the 1949 divide. His article “‘To Serve Revenge for the Dead': Chinese Communist Reflections of the War of Resistance in the PRC Foreign Ministry Archive, 1949-1956″ won China Quarterly‘s Gordon White Prize in 2010.

He earned his Ph.D. in contemporary history from Ohio University, where he studied under the supervision of Donald Jordan, and has previously taught at Pacific Lutheran University (USA) and Queen’s University Belfast.

Adam Cathcart is presently at work on a book-length manuscript documenting Chinese responses to the US occupation of Japan, as well as a handful of articles about the Iris Chang Papers, cultural relations between Japan and Nazi Germany, and the trial of Matsui Iwane.

Publications and Scholarly Work in Sino-Japanese Studies

Adam Cathcart, Ph.D.

(2014). “The Shenyang Trials of 1956: The Resurrection of Defeat,” paper presented at Rethinking Justice? Decolonization, Cold War and Asian War Crimes Trials after 1945, University of Heidelberg, organized by Kerstin von Lingen, October 28.

(2013).  “Manchukuo in the Afterlife: Postwar Trials of Japanese in Khabarovsk and Shenyang, 1949-1956,” paper presented at the Trials for International Crimes in Asia, Centre for Asian Legal Studies, National University of Singapore, October 17.

(2011). “War Criminals and the Road to Sino-Japanese Normalization: Zhou Enlai and the Shenyang Trials, 1954-1956,” with Patricia Nash, reprinted in Caroline Rose, ed., Sino-Japanese Relations : History, Politics, Economy, Security : Volume II: History Revisited, Critical Concepts in Asian Studies (London: Routledge, June): 49-70.

(2010). “Japanese Devils and American Wolves: Chinese Communist Songs from the War of Liberation and the Korean War,” Popular Music and Society, Vol. 33, No. 2 (May): 203-218.

(2009). “’’To Serve Revenge for the Dead’: Chinese Communist Reflections of the War of Resistance in the PRC Foreign Ministry Archive, 1949-1956,” with Patricia Nash, China Quarterly No. 200 (December): 1053-1070. [This article was awarded China Quarterly’s Gordon White Prize for the best article published in in 2009.]

(2009). “Transnational Voyages: Reflections on Teaching Exodus to North Korea,” ASIANetwork Exchange Vol. 17, No. 1 (Fall).

(2009). “War Criminals and the Road to Sino-Japanese Normalization: Zhou Enlai and the Shenyang Trials, 1954-1956,” with Patricia Nash, Twentieth-Century China 34:2 (April): 89-111.

(2009). “’Against Invisible Enemies’ : Japanese Bacteriological Weapons in China’s Cold War, 1949 1952,” Chinese Historical Review Vol. 16, No. 1 (Spring): 101-129.

(2009). “Japanese Influence on China, 1890s-1915,” World History Encyclopedia (ABC-Clio).

(2007-2008). Student-Faculty Research Award, Freeman Foundation Award via ASIANetwork, $17,684 for summer research in Beijing and Northeast China.

(2006). “Urban Chinese Perspectives on the U.S. Occupation of Japan, 1945-1947,” Studies on Asia Series II, Vol. 3, No. 2, 21-48

(2006). “反美扶日宣传在东北,1948年” (“Anti-Japanese Propaganda in Northeast China in 1948”), presented at International Symposium on East Asia in 21st Century: Cultural Construction and Cultural Exchange (21世纪的东亚:文化建设与文化交流), Beijing University, China, April 19.

(2005).“I Will Be the First to Lay Down My Pen for a Gun: Chinese Schoolchildren and the War with Japan,” presented at Conference on Children and War, Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, Rutgers University, April 9.

(2005). “Chinese Nationalism in the Shadow of Japan, 1945-1950,” Ph.D. dissertation, Ohio University.

(2004). “Cruel Resurrection: Chinese Political Cartoons from the Korean War,” International Journal of Comic Art Vol. VI, No. 1 (Winter), 37-55.

(2003). “Against the Sun, Against Beauty: The Chinese Communist Party and the ‘Heirs to Japanese Imperialism’, 1945-1952,” M.A. Thesis, Ohio University

(2002).  “Political Communications and Mass Education in the Early Years of the People’s Republic,” with Bernard Reilly and Amy Wood, Center for Research Libraries FOCUS Vol. 22, No. 1, 9-11.


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