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Pyongyang, Vicariously

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history and memory / North Korea

Reports from Pyongyang tend to cohere to a standard “Western journalists under control in North Korea” theme.  What sets the best ones apart?   1. “Parallel Universe,” an Australian piece from 2007, features Bradley Martin, author of Under the Care of the Fatherly Leader:    2. “Welcome to North Korea,” a 2001 documentary, runs nearly an hour, and somehow manages to reach a level of profundity through analysis of the various guides at revolutionary sites: 3. “Pyongyang: Journey in North […]

NK-PRC Roundup

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North Korea / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

The Korean Central News Agency — as well as the Chinese Embassy — in Pyongyang has been putting out all manner of noteworthy stuff lately which is worth some commentary.  Youthful themes abound. 1. Chinese Ambassador on a Farewell (Business) Tour of the Border Region If it weren’t already obvious that China wants to move into overdrive with plans for North Korean economic expansion, Liu Xiaoming, the outgoing PRC Ambassador to the DPRK, just finished […]

Excellent Resource: DPRK TV on YouTube

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I have had the signal pleasure of running across a few YouTube snippets from Korean Central Television before on that Zeitgeist-friendly medium of YouTube, but the site maintained by this particular North Korea fan in Mexico (or so it appears) is particularly rich and frequently updated. Here is the 5-minute coverage of Wen Jiabao’s welcome at the Pyongyang airport:  The above film really does much better justice than photographic sources of how North Koreans are encouraged […]

North Korean “Dream of Red Chamber”: Chinese Netizens Comment / 北朝鲜领导做梦的红楼

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Chinese nationalism / Cultural Politics / North Korea / Sino-North Korean relations

While the Anglophone media is predictably aflutter with speculation over the meaning of Envoy Bosworth’s Pyongyang visit, Sino-North Korean diplomacy continues apace. One of the more interesting threads of late is, to my mind, the cultural turn.  North Korea is using cultural diplomacy in an effort to reinforce to the Chinese that the traditional fundament of their alliance remains strong in spite of nuclear intransigence, and that North Koreans maintain a genuine respect for, and […]

Chinese Moves in Pyongyang: Prepare Ye the Way

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Sino-North Korean relations / Uncategorized

As U.S. Envoy Stephen Bosworth touches down in Pyongyang, what is the up-to-date state of relations between North Korea and its ostensible Chinese ally? The Nov. 30 revaluation of the North Korean currency by Pyongyang appeared to shock the Chinese government and subsequently elicited disapproval in the Chinese news media. Then, apparently not taking the hint, North Korea abruptly announced it was cutting off tourism from China.   (There are still a few tour groups milling […]

Jack Lang Speaks Out on his Pyongyang Voyage

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EU-East Asia relations / North Korea

Via the always-interesting-if-not-completely-comprehensible Association for French-North Korean Friendship blog, a forty-minute interview with Jack Lang is now available on the subject of his trip to Korea.  His French is pretty Parisian standard, but I’m at a point in my own learning curve where I think I’ll just make it available to you all and dig out what I can, such as Lang’s admission that he got zero concrete concessions on the subject of human rights […]