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The Shenyang Trials of 1956: Presenting the Resurrection of Defeat in Heidelberg

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Shenyang 2

The University of Heidelberg will be hosting a conference later this month on post-1945 war crimes trials in East Asia, at which I will be presenting. An abstract and bio follow: The Shenyang Trials of 1956: The Resurrection of Defeat  Using now-closed files from the Chinese Foreign Ministry Archive and contemporary sources in Chinese, this paper, investigates the role of the Shenyang Trials of 1956 in configuring China’s postwar position and asserting a specifically Chinese […]

New Scholarship on China’s War Against Japan: Rana Mitter and the Wiles Lectures at Queen’s University Belfast

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Rana Mitter is among the most dynamic, productive, and visible historians working on East Asia in the UK today. Dr. Mitter will be delivering a series of uniquely prestigious and endowed lectures in Belfast, at Queen’s University, from 28-31 May of this year. The series title is ‘Fighting Fate: Wartime Society and the Making of Modern China.‘   I’m delighted to have been invited to participate in this event and am looking forward greatly to […]

Sino-Japanese Strife and Accomodation: An Academic View

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Sino-Japanese Relations

Sometimes through all the contemporary hyperventilating, it can be considered an almost extreme position to look for historical context that lies apart from the mainstream narrative of eternal, almost existential, national conflict between China and Japan.  In a recent journal article, two scholars based in Stockholm have taken the steps of looking for that context.  As the abstract explains: For the last four decades Sino-Japanese relations have been characterized by steadily growing economic and sociocultural […]


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The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that thrashed the northeastern Japanese coast has generated a great deal of thinking from me, not much of it coherent or of use to readers.  Thus the silence.  At some point, I would imagine that some discussion of the following questions would emerge: To what extent have regional responses to the catastrophe intensified transnational goodwill?   Does this forceful reminder of natural catastrophe bring about a less nationalistic, more humanistic, outlook […]

Germ Warfare and Panda Diplomacy in Tokyo: Unit 731 Excavations

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This is a cross-post from my Japanese War Crimes blog. — AC Unit 731, the bacteriological warfare research wing of the Kanto Army in Manchuria, has been discussed in Japan with varying degrees of postwar intensity, but this discovery in Tokyo last week (via the Guardian) seems poised to bring the activities — and the difficult subject of history in Sino-Japanese relations — back out into the open. Some good reads on the topic include […]

Sino-Japanese Relations: The Sun Sets on a Bad Year

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The end of the calendar year brings closure, of a sort, to the news cycle.  The (disorderly and American-style) marketing of mayhem and chaos awaits a new year. To remark, then, on a few tropes of Sino-Japanese Relations at the final aperture of 2010. The Japanese press, frustrated by Japan’s inadaquate response to the Diaoyutai/Sengaku Islands episode this past September, and aware that the Chinese government can unleash a horde of pre-unemployed students to protest […]

By All Means, Spend the Day in Nanking

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December 13 was the anniversary of the Nanking Massacre, so of course I had to spend Dec. 11 and 12 in the city, touring the big memorial and the associated smaller monument to John Rabe, the sogennanten “Good Nazi of Nanking.” Today, the Japanese ambassador left the city after a two-day stint which has received much less attention in China than one might otherwise might have expected.  Perhaps we can blame the North Koreans for […]