Beijing 北京新展览

The China International Gallery Exposition recently concluded in Beijing. Among the most interesting works surveyed by the New York Times was Fan Xiaoyan’s cyborg sculptures.


Fan , born in 1983, is a recent graduate of art school and a resident of Beijing. I have no idea who is going to adorn a Chinese mansion or villa with her work, but it certainly is provocative. Perhaps a Western buyer, or a university museum, will start to pick up on her work soon? Not having read much about her (and it seems unlikely, but still possible, that her oeuvre is being surveyed in Chinese art magazines such as Yishu, her work strikes me as prescient because it gives a new outlook on the commodification of women in China/globally, but links this in a new and fascinating way to China’s rush forward to modernity and the militarization of the human body written about by scholars like Tina Mai Chen.

Finally, keep your ears open for Chinese MC’s in Beijing.


Although the cranky New York Times should be applauded for reporting this concert, they might want to validate their own story by linking it to their hip-hop news page!

I will be in Beijing, on and off, from about June 10-July 13 this summer.

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