Shanghai Photography

See you this afternoon [3:30, Jackson School] at the University of Washington:

Picturing Photography, Abstracting Pictures: The Domain of Images in Republican Shanghai

William Schaefer, Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Berkeley

William Schaefer is completing a book on the ways in which conceptions of photography, images, and modernist writing in China during the 1920s and 1930s informed thinking about landscape, race, and the past.

This talk maps the domain of images in the print media of Republican Shanghai…Critics such as Feng Zikai and Zong Baihua differentiated Chinese from Western modes of picturing on the basis of distinctions between a photographic transcription of reality they ascribed to the West, and various modes of abstraction, mutability and deformation, the visualization of the unseen, and attention to pictorial surface they ascribed to China.  And yet such civilizational binary oppositions were completely undone through actual practices of picturing where the greatest number and variety of pictures were collected and circulated at that time: popular illustrated magazines.

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