Sino-Japanese Scholarship

Twentieth-Century China
Twentieth-Century China

One of my new articles, co-authored with Patricia Nash, is now out in the journal Twentieth-Century China.  The journal has a strong lineup of essays (and authors).  I’m proud to note that Lloyd Eastman, a seminal figure in modern Chinese historical studies and the founder of the present journal as “Republican China,” is an alumnus of Pacific Lutheran University.

Vol. 34: No. 2 April 2009

Special Issue:

Revisiting Military Affairs from ROC to PRC

Edward A. McCord
“Local Bullies and Armed Force Entrepreneurs: Militia Leadership in Republican Hunan”

Aaron William Moore
“Talk About Heroes: Expressions of Self-Mobilization and Despair in Chinese War Diaries, 1911 – 1938”

Brian G. Martin
“Collaboration within Collaboration: Zhou Fohai’s Relations with the Chongqing Government, 1942 – 1945”

Adam Cathcart & Patricia Nash
“W ar Criminals and the Road to Sino-Japanese Normalization: Zhou Enlai and the Shenyang Trials, 1954 – 1956”

Lawrence Kessler
“Reconstructing Zhou Enlai’s Escape from Shanghai in 1931”

Readers desiring further (and electronically free) delights of historical studies in similar topics are directed to Joshua Fogel’s Sino-Japanese Studies, which is now up in a revived online edition.  Very good stuff!


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