When Empire Comes Home

Lori Watt’s new book is coming out very soon — and it has been quite a while since I felt this much anticipation about a new text.

I ordered and read the preceding dissertation (Columbia U., 2003) a few years back, and, because I was always recommending and then loaning it to one student or another, I have rarely had the manuscript in my hands since. I believe this is a valuable text, for one thing, because it generates discussion of transnationalism and carries forward important debates about empire raised by, for instance, Louise Young. Watt also did extensive work in both Japanese and Chinese sources, which is still an all-too-rare occurrence.

On the Japanese who were evacuated from Manchuria via Huludao in 1946, see Chinese documentaries [videos not uploading to site, but it’s a worthwhile view]:¬† http://www.56.com/u72/v_Mjk4OTE5MDE.html

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