Book Blitz

New finds in UW Tacoma’s lofty stacks (amid the scent of coffee in the nostrils thick, thinking of oneself or the other as the dedicatee of various works, the heft of books in the hand, communion of silence broken and gladly so by Latino technicians with new chairs in a library which is already new, glass museums squiggle through the mist, a fleeting thought of … Continue reading Book Blitz

Return to Sinology / UW Tacoma STACKS

This morning at 6:46 a.m. found me on a train moving south, into the wilds of Tacoma.  And a new biblioteque was discovered! Through some miracle and wonder of Tacoma’s strangely modern link trolley, I arrived at this edifice with a blazing coffee in hand at the very moment that it, the library, opened. Glorious place!  It is an old factory: Anyway…a suprising number of … Continue reading Return to Sinology / UW Tacoma STACKS

Thinking about the Saint-Saens Concerto

Lately I have been revisiting a piece which has on and off of my cellistic plate for almost twenty years: the Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra in a minor, opus 33, by Camille Saint-Saëns.  Finally having travelled to the region of its naissance, or birth, c’est-a-dire Paris, I think I am getting a better grip on the French style of composition, if only incrementally.  Of … Continue reading Thinking about the Saint-Saens Concerto

Waivers /

A few pick-ups, like old NBA sharp-shooters off waivers just before the trade deadline passes (or the library closes): 2. Re-envisioning the Chinese Revolution, ed. Guobin Yang 3. Radiant Carnage: Japanese Writers on the War Against China, by Zeljko Cipris 4. Anything by David J. Dallin on Soviet Far East in the foties 5. The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies (vols. 15, 21, 22, 26) … Continue reading Waivers /