Research on Postwar Japan

Colleagues in Tokyo who are interested in my work on Chinese images of postwar Japan can now find my dissertation in the National Diet Library. In response to the question if the document is related to Japanese military history, the library notes that the dissertation touches on the following topics: 日本占領 (Occupied Japan)・戦争裁判 (War Judgements/Trials)・戦争犯罪 (War Crimes).  And that is all quite correct. Continue reading Research on Postwar Japan

Le mort de Mathieu [I]

So much of Sartre’s Le Mort dans l’Âme is pessimistic, full of spite for the French army and regime, the very opposite of United Front literature in wartime China.  Yet, at the conclusion of part two of the book, the hero of the entire triology, Mathieu, the socialist professor, gets himself a gun. The resistance thus takes shape, assumes reality: the intellectual has taken up … Continue reading Le mort de Mathieu [I]

Ba / reflections on a father

On August 10, 1990, drifting past apocolyptic oil refineries in South St. Paul, a boy sat on plush red cushions, listening to his father talk.  He looked at the old man against that blackened horizon, images melding forever with the truths of new mysteries like “Kuwait” and “Saddam Hussein” and “your brother’s deployment.”  In activating this connection, fusing Baathists and nuclear bombs, the father thus fulfilled his charge, baptising the lad in … Continue reading Ba / reflections on a father

Wild Days in Northeast Asia

North Korea tests another nuclear weapon, hinting at domestic stability for an uncertain population.  Certainly the hard-liners seem to be in control. Nancy Pelosi, in Shanghai, condemns the test along with the rest of the Americans and Northeast Asian allies, including China.  Yahoo very sloppily denoted that human rights protests were going on in China in anticipation of Pelosi’s visit. The sourcing of these reports … Continue reading Wild Days in Northeast Asia

The End / am Endlichkeit

Die Jahr ist vorbei, die Fröhling ist Voll. Im Herz hab ich Dankbarkeit, dass ich lebe noch wohl. Wie Schwan/gesang des’ Lohengrins, jetzt schwimme ich ab, Für Küsten, für Örten, wo mann fremden sprach. Hinab, und wieder, und weiter, und Vor! und bin ich nicht willig, so brauch ich Freude! Gestalt, o wie plötzlich, macht Frieden es Frei bewegt sich nach Frankreich, wo Kanzlerin sei! … Continue reading The End / am Endlichkeit

Dalai Lama in Europe

Xinhua is upset: the Dalai Lama is planning to arrive in France from June 6-8 to become an honorary citizen of Paris. While the national government of France has pledged that no federal officials will meet with him, the mayor of Paris is offering the Dalai Lama honorary citizenship (and thus the trip). Here he is in Paris in 2003, giving an interview (the present … Continue reading Dalai Lama in Europe