Update from Beijing

At the moment, Seattle, Paris, and Berlin are all in the rear-view miror; the author of Sinologistical Violoncellist has moved shop to Beijing, China. While many advantages accrue to one willing to take the journey to the People’s Republic, freedom of speech is not one of them. Sadly, my blog cannot be accessed in China, presumably on account of references to the dialogue around commemorations of June 4, 1989. Or maybe it was that nice comment I left on Ai Weiwei’s well-watched and stubbornly avant-garde blog on June 5. (I can only assume that this is the reason for my having been censored, since last time I checked, I was neither a member of “the China lobby” nor a so-called “dragon slayer.”) How sad!

Therefore, at least for the months of June and July, 2009, I will be posting sporadic updates to this site by sedulous means, and posting what I hope are semi-regular updates to my new Chinese blog, http://blog.sina.com.cn/adamcathcart.

At least for the moment, the new blog has the advantage of being CCP-approved, and Chinese-language readers are more likely to use Sina than WordPress.

On the other hand, for Anglophones, Chinese commands make the blog difficult to navigate. Thus: please note that, unlike smooth WordPress essays, entire entries are not displayed on Sina.com’s blog platform. Except for very short posts, the 点击查看原文 [diaoda chakan yuanwen / e.g., “click here to read the whole thing”] link must be clicked at the bottom of the stub entry in order to, as the French say, lire le suite.

In combination with updates to WordPress, I am hopeful that I can provide further coverage of events from my perspective in Northeast Asia.

And, oh yes, : long live the great Communist Party of China!


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