Cultures of Resistance [IV]

A few weeks ago, I shared some thoughts about differences between and commonalities among Chinese and French postwar depictions of wartime resistance under Axis occupation. The vehicle for this discussion was Sartre’s L’Mort dans l’Ame [Death through the Soul, literally, although the translation published is, oddly, under Troubled Sleep]. Sartre’s text is the third in his trilogy of Chemins de Liberte, or Roads of Liberty, … Continue reading Cultures of Resistance [IV]

Kamikaze Mozart [III]

For readers following the thead on this novel – what I have for you are merely morsels, phrases parsed from the novel. But first I might explain why I am enjoying this text, in spite of its excessive interest in garment description. Because the protagonist of the novel (Fumika) is a pianist pursuing a conservatory degree, this connects with me more fundamentally than other types … Continue reading Kamikaze Mozart [III]