Essays and Entries in Preparation

In the next week or so, I am working on the following blog entries which may interest some readers, particularly those wondering why, unlike in previous weeks, Sinologistical Violoncellist doesn’t have fresh content up every day. (Well, part of the problem remains the Great Firewall which prevents me from posting in any other than a most circuitous route; the blog remains banned in China along with most of its WordPress counterparts, although Ai Weiwei’s stimulating blog is now available again in the PRC.) But primarily the slowdown has occurred because I am cogitating in Peking, collecting information on several topics that I aim to synthesize into a handful of discrete posts, including

– Chinese News on North Korea – Summary and Analysis

– Dalai Lama in Paris – News Roundup

– “Nanking, Nanking!” – Analysis of Beijing Arts Criticism Special Issue

Chinese Foreign Ministry Archives finds

But tonight, it’s Haidian’s ennervating euphoria and, standing silent and formidable within those tides of neon and slashing movement, the slow magnetism of the Beida campus again.

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  1. Hey Cathcart,

    It seems you are as productive as ever; I have really enjoyed reading over your blogs. I am planning to come to Tianjin this summer for some language study, maybe we can hang out. Man you would not believe the last two years.



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