Day: July 1, 2009

French Dispatches from Tokyo: Philippe Pons on North Korean Provocations

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North Korea / US-Japan relations / US-North Korea relations

Why Read the European Press re: East Asia? A Justification I operate on assumptions that more sources, even flawed ones, are better than fewer.  (I also believe, unlike the classic example of Dick Cheney in 2002-03, that as we sift through these sources, it is important to let a thesis develop out of them rather than imposing one from above.)  Grabbing a wider net can only bring more perspectives to bear.  So even if European […]

Peking Days

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There are days when all the havoc floats away like flotsam, days when Peking blossoms into full perfection.  Days when one’s roommate runs away forever to Mongolia, when blankets fill the window and allow one to chose the moment of introduction to the sun, days when noon has the aura of early morning, when clouds become distinct, when one finds that shampoo suffices to clean one’s clothes, days when the bugs recede, when one forget […]