Day: July 23, 2009

Xinjiang in Le Figaro

China / French

Le Figaro publishes a solid dispatch from Turkey; translation below: Laure Marchand, “Istanbul, capitale des refugies ouigours [Istanbul, capital of Uighur refugees],” Le Figaro, 20 July 2009, p. 6. More than 300,000 members strong, the Uighur diaspora is able to count on the sympathy of Turkish public opinion, but Ankara spares its critiques against Peking for economic reasons. Istanbul Installed in a stampeded bazaar, Abulresit, a Uighur shopkeeper, does not address a single word to […]

Violence in Xinjiang: The View from Linjiang City, Jilin / 临江市

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China / North Korean border region

Views of Xinjiang violence from other ethnic zones Often lost in the shuffle of news reports about Xinjiang is inter-minority relations; that is to say, how do various other Chinese minorities, or shaoshu minzu / 少数民族 view the actions in Xinjiang?  This would seem to be a consequential question for the CCP and for foreign observers who prognosticate future fragmentation for the PRC.  After all, “a spark can start a prairie fire,” and social movements […]

Remembering Tiananmen and 1989 in Europe [2]

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China / Cultural Politics / Sino-German Relations

While Germans tend to recall their support and admiration for the Chinese students in June 1989, it is worth recalling that the CCP’s use of violence against protesting students prompted a crisis within the still-massive socialist camp at the time, and, moreover, that there were some civilians in East Germany who somewhat reluctantly supported the East German and Chinese government line on the student crackdown. I was perusing through a file on “Rock Music Activities […]


Cultural Politics / German / Hip-hop / Music

and in the meantime If all of the Teutonic sludge being slung around this blog is getting a bit heavy for you, then be comforted.  Prose was composed to the accompaniment of the oft-beloved, more often criticized, German rapper Bushido.   Bushido is a bit of a fraud — for all of his bravado and mini-forays into crudities, he still lives with his mom in Berlin — but I am simply very motivated by the tempo, […]