and in the meantime

If all of the Teutonic sludge being slung around this blog is getting a bit heavy for you, then be comforted.  Prose was composed to the accompaniment of the oft-beloved, more often criticized, German rapper Bushido.   Bushido is a bit of a fraud — for all of his bravado and mini-forays into crudities, he still lives with his mom in Berlin — but I am simply very motivated by the tempo, tambre, and overall ethos particular song, and the Super Mario visual theme just puts the whole thing on the right pitch.   Among the best lines in here are “ich habe die Hauptstadt auf die Karte gesetzt” (I put the capitol on the map: Berlin!) and “du machst nicht was ich nichtgestern gut gemacht hat” (there’s nothing you can do that I didn’t already do yesterday).  But the best, a lyric in the chorus which I someday aspire to “bite” or sample in my own academic rap work, is “nimm die Zeitung an” (pick up the newspaper!).

NOTE: If you don’t like rap, are repelled by gangster lyrics in German by a guy who actually lives with his mom and is in truth a model Confucianist, or believe that Super Mario should only be viewed with the original score, then please refrain from clicking on the link.