Survey of Hyesan *North Korea* and Surrounding Border Areas

Earlier this summer, 2009, I spent several days each in various sections of the border between North Korea and China.   As the holder of a U.S. passport, I am not allowed into these regions of DPRK territory, but there are still significant phenomenon one can gauge from a trip to various parts of the border.

Along with some brief observations, selected photos of North Korea are available on my new photos blog.

My apologies for not posting directly from said areas, but I wanted to spend more time on the road and less sucking down ashes and trying futilely to connect my USB in peripheral internet bars.   These photos date from early July 2009.


Author and friend above North Korean city of Hyesan [the primary commercial border crossing is just above our heads]
In the PRC Changbai Autonomous Korean County above North Korean city of Hyesan and the primary commercial border crossing on this section of the Yalu River; pockets laden with 山楂.


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