East German Youth Archives and the Chinese

The records of the Freie Deutsche Jugend [Free German Youth] in Berlin are tremendously rich on the subject of Chinese youth organizations and the massive cultural changes of the decade from 1979-1989.

Relations between the German youth organizations and their Chinese counterparts were:

* ritualistic, richly idealized and poeticized from 1951-1958.

* soured by Chinese assertion of global leadership and radicalization of non-aligned and newly independent colonial in 1958 as East Germany languished under rival Soviet control.  

* broken off formally in 1963.  

* resumed in 1981 but, in volume and intensity, the renewed ties were overshadowed by the Japanese ascendency (the Japanophelia of the emerging cultural elites in Chinese has yet itself to be fully appreciated),

* increasingly interconnected after 1985 as twin youth movements and press oscillated toward radical democratization 


“Hinweismaterial fuer Gespraeche mit Vertretern der chineseschen Jugend- und Studentenbewegung anlaesslich des offiziellen Beschluss einer Delegation der FDJ vom June 19-27 1986 der VR China [Reference Material for Discussions with Members of the Chinese Youth/Student Movement on the Occasion of Determination for the Official Visit of a Delegation of the Free German Youth to the People’s Republic of China from June 19-27, 1986],” May 1986, Records of the Free German Youth / Freie Deutsche Jugend, SAMPO Bundesarchiv, Berlin, Folder # DY 24 / 114584 / II.

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