Day: August 1, 2009

ABC News in Seoul

North Korea

This is a quirky report about a Kim Jong Il doppelgänger in Seoul, but the piece somehow results in a fuller understanding of how quickly the health of Kim Jong Il is deteriorating.  And ABC’s foreign correspondents yet report from distant ort!  Thank goodness that Uncle Disney keeps the deadly serious North Asia bureau open and running:

Things I was going to explain before July finished [I]

China / East Asian modernity / North Korea / Op-Ed / Sino-French Relations / Sino-German Relations / World War II

I was going to explain how the CCP is launching a new English-language magazine called Qiushi to bolster its theoretical marketability and soft power among the mild left of North America, and further to explain that the Party will spend 45 billion yuan this year on overseas Xinhua expansion which is quite possibly a sum more worthy than this year’s entire budget for Voice of America [Woods Lee, South China Morning Post 24 July 2009]; […]

Paris-Pekin: Supplice chinois

Sino-French Relations

Commentary: Note how in knots the Chinese have the French.  Setting aside the standard discount for French self-flagellation, the following article very much indicates that after forty-five years of relations, the relationship between the two republics, while profitable to each, is very much driven by Chinese imperatives.      excerpt: Marc Epstein, “Paris-Pekin: Supplice chinois: pour mettre fin a la brouille entre les deux pays au sujet du Tibet, la France semble prete a tout. […]

China and the Anti-Colonial


The Chinese youth delegation to the World Congress of (Socialist) Youth in Baghdad in 1960 was exemplary in its organization of newly independent and non-aligned nations around China’s banner as a leading world force for liberation.   As was reported to the Centralrat of the Free German Youth, this qualified the Chinese as having taken a divergence from peaceful coexistence Soviet line, calling China’s position “radical and basically akin to Trotskyite.”  Yet at Baghdad, marking […]