Paris-Pekin: Supplice chinois

Commentary: Note how in knots the Chinese have the French.  Setting aside the standard discount for French self-flagellation, the following article very much indicates that after forty-five years of relations, the relationship between the two republics, while profitable to each, is very much driven by Chinese imperatives.   



Marc Epstein, “Paris-Pekin: Supplice chinois: pour mettre fin a la brouille entre les deux pays au sujet du Tibet, la France semble prete a tout.  Quitte a s’asseoir sur ses principes ?

[Paris-Beijing: In Order to Put an End to the Row between the two states regarding Tibet, France appears ready to do anything.  Does it plan to abandon its principles?]”

Two of the values associated with traditional China, serenity and sagacity, seem to be lacking in the relations between Paris and Beijing.  After a row lasting a year mostly over the Tibet question, Presidents Sarkozy and Hu managed to finally to meet privately on the 1st of April, in London, during the G 20 summit.   But this normalization has a bitter flavor.  

Apres une brouille d’un an ou presque autour de la question du Tibet, les presidents Nicolas Sarkozy et Hu Jintao se sont enfin retrouves pendant une quarantaine de minutes, le 1er avril, a Londres, en marge du sommet du G 20.  Mais cette normalisation a un gout amer.


Dalai Lama with Mayor Delanoe in Paris, 2008
Dalai Lama with Mayor Delanoe in Paris, 2008