Day: August 5, 2009

To Minnesota / Note on New Posts


Having completed another dusk-to-dawn session at the helm of this and other glowing screens in an effort to muster up prose and insight, I am soon off to Minnesota in my golden Korean steed, fueled by the Daqing crude, off-loaded from Inchon… That is to say, the author of this blog is going back on the road for August and has thrown up a couple of incomplete entries as a kind of down payment for […]

On Translation

Art / Cultural Politics

When one strives to function, and not simply appear, as an expressively cognitive polyglot, it represents a return to a kind of 16th century normalcy.  After all, Erasmus was not some freak of nature, nor were his students: as the historian Stuart Hughes points out in a wonderfully alive old essay which includes the phrase “historical virginity” and alerts the reader to the author’s traumatic encounter with France at age eight, multilingualism was the norm […]

Seattle Opera and “Der Ring des Niebelungen”


I am fortunate indeed to associate here in Seattle with a wide mix of highly talented people who will sometimes unwittingly throw me a lifeline.  That is to say, they tag me with an easy gesture — an invitation, a remark, something apparently effortless — which somehow the conditions of my personal psychology renders into some kind of great rescue, a recuperation of some lost aspect of a personality.  And they smile, and I nod […]