Day: August 6, 2009

Unrest in Tonghua

China / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

Not so long ago there was a gigantic brawl at a (huge) steel factory in Tonghua, Jilin province, that left one dead and the news media all aflutter.   Another sign emerges that China could come apart at the seams at any moment! I spent a couple of days in Tonghua last month, as it is a major gateway city to the North Korean border.  While aspects of the city were somewhat miserable (no public library, […]

Francophone Sinology

Sino-French Relations

The Quebec government is actively developing relations with China (independent of Ottawa, as usual).  An interesting research question might be to interrogate if Quebec benefits from, or is harmed by, Chinese nationalistic boycotts of French products. Francophone East Asian studies is thriving at the University of Montreal; David Owenby, who directs the Center for Asian Studies at the same institution, maintains a blog about China whose lack of bulk is more than made up for […]