Day: August 10, 2009

China’s Green Leap Forward?

China / German / Sino-German Relations

The North Korean developments seem to have swallowed a great deal of my attention recently, but I remain committed to blasting out short essays on a handful of China-related topics which began earlier this summer.  And thus: The German sinologist Gerd Boesken roams the cities of Hamburg and Dusseldorf, dispensing much knowledge about China.  I was fortunate to attend his lecture in Hamburg this past July 15, entitled “China’s Green Leap Forward?”  The talk was arranged by […]

Kim Jong Un in Bern: Full Translation of Die Welt Interview

German / North Korea

Kim Jong-Un, the 26-year old son of Kim Jong-Il, has reportedly been designated as successor to his father. In the absence of detailed information about the young man, the years he spent as an adolescent at the International School in Berne, Switzerland, have commanded no small attention. However, the best of these sources have been referenced but not, to my knowledge, actually been made available in English. Thus, I have translated the most extended and […]

Encountering the DPRK in Beijing

North Korea / Sino-North Korean relations

The North Korean embassy is set on a leafy walled campus in Beijing’s wicked and rambling Chaoyang district.  It lies in close proximity to China’s Foreign Ministry, that grey monolith where I work each summer.  The North Koreans have a small fleet of cars, mostly old.  I have seen them driving Nissan sedans, circa 1986, repainted by hand in a dark blue; some of the affiliated businessmen drive minivans of somewhat newer vintage.  On the […]

North Korea as Barrier to China’s Great Power Aspirations

North Korea / Sino-North Korean relations / U.S.-China Relations / US-North Korea relations

Chuck Kraus at the Foreign Devil blog, excavating a provocative and accurate piece by Bonnie S. Glaser, parses the shifts in Chinese policy attitudes toward North Korea.   After all the scrum over the (admittedly quite important) details of the arrest and release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, this type of analysis gets one back to the “macro” picture.  After all, when the history of Northeast Asian foreign relations is written in a few decades, it is entirely possible that the most […]