Bruce Cumings on US-North Korea Relations

Somehow I missed this video of Bruce Cumings speaking to US-North Korea relations on the program Democracy Now!.  Although the interview with the foremost historian and fearsomely intelligent critic of U.S. policy toward North Korea is a bit dated by internet standards (May 29, 2009), it is still quite worthwhile.  Note the wonderful Freudian slip and body language around 26:00 when Cumings is asked to comment on … Continue reading Bruce Cumings on US-North Korea Relations

Kim Il Song’s _Works_ and Anti-Chinese Sentiment in the DPRK

Kim Il Song’s Works form part of the backbone of any serious student’s reading about North Korea.  Although this lengthy, often pedestrian, heavily edited, and occasionally fabricated collection runs to 40 volumes, there are still far too many gold nuggets in this slag mine to ignore.   In this short essay I want to root around in the Works briefly to excavate the foundations of a potential resurgence of anti-Chinese sentiment … Continue reading Kim Il Song’s _Works_ and Anti-Chinese Sentiment in the DPRK

The Rex

Tonight, quite unintentionally, I played a show at The Rex, a bar in Duluth, Minnesota, and with my cello and voice wrote and performed a new song which juxtaposed the pride of elite North Koreans in their system with the anger caused in the West by the North Korean people’s inability to recognize their own predicament.  Farce and sarcasm are therefore given a turn.  Speaking of farce, it … Continue reading The Rex