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In an effort to keep my China-related postings up to snuff, I am excited to offer stories via “Press Display,” a service of full-text international newspapers.

Stories from South China Morning Post and others offer a good start; however, I anticipate using the old-school web for future discussion of such sources as Global Times (环球时报)and Elite Reference (青年参考).

A few sample stories appear below; in the next few days I aim to refine how these stories are integrated with the blog.

Press Service is spotty for South Korea (offering only Dong-A Ilbo 东亚日报, whose front page today is all Rockets), almost non-existent for Japan and unrepresentative of the abundant intelligence of the German press (no Suddeutscher Zeitung, Die Zeit, or Frankfurter Allegemeine!), but fortunately one can get full-text of two of my favorite papers, Liberation and Le Figaro.

Cathcart with a Le Figaro reader in a great city
Note the intensity with which the Frenchman devours his Le Figaro

Having returned from East Asia (with two detours to western Europe and a loop around the western USA) for the summer, Press Display is the closest I can get in the meantime to reading the paper on the Beijing #2 subway line between Guloudajie and Chaoyang station or attempting to gorge on hyper-technical yet fascinatingly valuable Junge Welt and its kin in the belly of Potsdamer Platz.  Because reading the suddenly-flush Seattle Times in my old Uwajimaya-period cafe haunts (the Panama Hotel, a relic of Nissei culture in the era before internment desecrated everything) is OK for an old-school newspaper reader, but it isn’t good enough for you.

本历史记者再回西雅图 (西柏坡!)美国最美的西部海边城市。 满意。 但还愿意回中国 — 该等三个月, 先打工,作的脑力劳动,写什么有情的作品。

Schaffensdrang aus Berlin
Schaffensdrang aus Berlin

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