Recalibrating Sino-Japanese Relations

The upcoming elections in Japan will very likely see the tumbling from power of the Liberal Democratic Party, the center-right political force that has dominated Japanese politics since 1955. Accordingly, China and China watchers are eager to see what direction the new leadership takes. The following article describes Japanese apprehension toward both China and North Korea. For its part, the Chinese media appears to be quite friendly to the Democratic Party of Japan, prognosticating that relations with Japan will likely improve. However, even in making this prediction, Chinese news stories raise the Yasukuni Shrine and textbook issues as a kind of litmus test, as well as an unsubtle reminder to the Chinese people that the CCP is unafraid to whack any Japanese government over the head with historical issues if necessary.

Japan’s opposition to face stark reality over defence
Japan’s opposition talks of redefining an alliance with the United States, but it may have to be pragmatic on matters of defence should it win power, writes Julian Ryall Tomorrow
South China Morning Post
28 Aug 2009

Since the signing of the agreement on Washington’s military assistance to Tokyo in 1960, successive Liberal Democratic Party ( LDP) governments in Japan have been easily able to identify surrounding nations as friend or foe. But with the opposition…read more…

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