Day: August 30, 2009

Thoughts on the Great North Korean Rebellion

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North Korea / North Korean border region

Recent posts by Joshua Stanton at One Free Korea prompted me to do some thinking about the prospects of a “hard landing” for North Korea, or the notion that somehow popular discontent leads to an anti-regime upheaval. It seems likely that the 150-day campaign, which may have been meant to provide at least minimal claims of achievement for a (now-in-remission) move to crown a successor, could backfire badly. At the same time, there appears to […]

Death of Chang Song U / DPRK updates

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American Foreign Policy / North Korea / North Korea-Japan relations / US-North Korea relations

Surprisingly, this story seems not yet to have been picked up by English-language media.  Chang Song U, the brother of Chang Song Taek and a higher-up in the DPRK bureaucracy, was reported on August 25 by KCNA to have died.  Kim Jong Il was said to be saddened; much more detail is available in Chinese. In the meantime, North Korean media is celebrating Youth Day, talking almost daily about pro-NK activities in war-torn Mexico, and […]