Day: August 31, 2009

Allegations of Rogue North Korean Agents in Chinese Border Region

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North Korean border region

A new report from Seoul alleges that North Korean agents have been roving around northeast China looking for defectors and abducting South Koreans in Manchuria who are helping North Korean refugees.  This is fairly explosive stuff, and if true (particularly if publicized within China) would open up a sensitive issue for the Chinese.  It is one thing for the PRC to arrest and detain illegal aliens under its own initiative, it is another thing entirely […]

Anti-Japanese Upswing in North Korean Media

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For their strange yet uniquely logical reasons, the North Korean propagandists are pressing Japan to never forget its colonial past.  This is, in my estimation, a way of reminding the nascent/new Japanese government that in spite of whatever change of power in Japan, the colonial past remains raw and unaccounted for.  By the same token, all the same old platitudes apply for Pyongyang’s anti-Japanese tactic: it links the regime to its legitimate past, brings together […]

Dana Rohrabacher vs. Selig Harrison

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Selig Harrison in Beijing

North Korea analyst Selig Harrison, an “old North Korea hand” if there ever was one, has returned from Pyongyang bearing a few facts to share with the rest of us.  To the extent he has a primary bias, it seems to be a desire to accelerate and facilitate a process of North Korean opening up and reform.  Harrison has got decades of experience dealing with North Korea, and one can’t simply scoff it away by […]