Internet Babble Makes For Poignant Absences

Sometimes an item will soar up from incoherent babble of the Internet, and shine in a fashion that is so exceedingly incoherent, so counterfactual, so cognitively dissonant, that it actually becomes beautiful.

In researching a post I’ve been cogitating on and drafting for a few days now about prostitution in Hyesan, I found something that captured a real truth.

It was like the time in the Beijing airport when Mr. Choi, the head of a DPRK soccer delegation, told me with total assurance in his English, which itself had the aroma of solitude: “By yourself.  You study  Korean by yourself.”

Hyesan, DPRK (left); Changbai, PRC (right) -- photo by Adam Cathcart

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