Day: September 5, 2009

China National Petroleum in Iraq

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[Update: Nearly four years later, there is very similar talk about China filling the vacuum in Afghanistan, via the Washington Times. This trend is confirmed by ICG’s Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt in Beijing as having gone on “in the context of US]withdrawal” since the tenure (or possibly the untimely demise)  of Richard Holbrooke. – October 13, 2012] New York Times just posted a story about Iraqis chafing under the terms of a deal for China National Petroleum […]

Rino Nakasone Lives in L.A.

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Cultural Politics / East Asian modernity / Hip-hop

The genius Seattleite/New Yorker Merce Cunningham may be dead, but new dance continues to spring from the mind of creative folk.  The following story, courtesy Chosun Ilbo, reminds us of that tricky issue of Japanese soft power, and the positive role played by pop culture in Japan’s otherwise antagonistic relations with its neighbors. It’s also worth thinking about North Korean perceptions of Japanese popular culture.  There doesn’t seem to be much data on this question, […]

China-Korea News/Resource Links

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China / North Korea / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

Global Times China comes down hard on “soft violence” “meant to create terror” in Urumuqi.  Hu Jintao’s visit is only a couple of weeks in the rear view mirror, but the struggle continues.  When you see a Chinese headline that says “Situation in Urumuqi Basically Under Control,” you sit up a bit.  Qualifying adjectives in Xinhua headlines? It is quite probable that China is simply trying to manage the North Korean problem while the big […]