Chinese PR Coup Might Have Obama Envious: Wen Jiabao Enjoys a Morning as a Student

In a subtle way, China continues to kick America’s ass. Take today, for instance: Barack Obama gives a televised speech to the nation’s kids and a major freak-out occurs. PRC Premier Wen Jiaobao, on the other hand, just coolly shows up in the back of a classroom in Beijing #35 Middle School and spends four hours being a student. After music class, he stuck around to comment on the various lessons. He then likened teachers to creators of great art.

Hey Obama: Cash for Quarter Notes!

Again, a nice juxtaposition in the Shanghai Daily reminds us that China will smash you if you don’t follow the law, but all happy things accrue to the happy ones who abide by the state power.

Class gets pleasant surprise as a ‘student’  named Wen joins in

Shanghai Daily
07 Sep 2009

WHEN the class began, math teacher Xu Junjun announced that Premier Wen Jiabao was with them. Students turned around simultaneously and found Wen, who greeted them with a gentle smile. During the morning class that started 8:10, Wen took notes…read more…

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