This Blog is Dumb

Stupid blog; insufficient evidence of work.

Unoriginal, tired thinking.

Vexed nonsense, throwing more gauze into the void.

Life would be better if blogs were burritos, and entries were taco salads.

Pleas for a self-referendum on nonsense have gone unheeded.

No one needs a monologue like this.

Save your best stories for yourself.

Wrap up memories preciously.

Don’t forget that the internet stores everything for future attack.

2012 succession of what?

Click addiction yields pithy illusions of certitude veering up like blood clots causing stroke behind knees meant for running; veins of data burst on feet whose purpose is understood by Swiss theorist-dancers dead but for portraits and dry black stems.

Go live on a boat

just do that

think more, type less

translate 400 Daily NK articles,

commit Gary Snyder’s poetry of the axe to memory,

play the Bach Suites through 44 times through each of 44 tides,

recognize mollusks growing on everything

and then you will have something to say

Mighty Yalu, Zarathustrans sing empty scales, climb mountains with blood-tinged lungs

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