Day: September 13, 2009

Viewer Report: Fox News as Falun Gong

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Cultural Politics

3:27 a.m., Pacific Standard Time. Author sits sorting Korean War documents in the full brunt of the Fox News broadcast glow: exposure is thus achieved to the tail end of Glenn Beck, most of O’Reilly. No techno music or cello arpeggios to drown down the magnetism. Beck pastiche: Patriotic men profess attachment to no political party, stirring the masses toward a Christian nation.  Texan preachers near cotton fields demand return to founding father’s principals.  Old […]

Notes on Chinese Espionage and Military Power

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American Foreign Policy / China / Sino-Japanese Relations / U.S.-China Relations

This morning the American HLN channel, an affiliate of CNN, reported on Chinese espionage conducted against the United States, particularly in the area of cyber-warfare.  This report, while not yet online, indicates a slow build in similar reports, including this summer’s allegations in Los Angeles of a Chinese-born Boeing engineer for passing some 300,000 sensitive aerospace documents to the Chinese government. Chinese media has been spending quite a bit of energy tamping down such fears, […]