Translation Queue and Forthcoming Blog Features

What’s coming up this month on Sinologistical Violoncellist, among other things:


1) Arnaud Vaulerin, “Japan. Disparu de la Guerre Froide [Japan: Disappeared in the Cold War],” Liberation, 11 March 2009. –An interview with the parents of Megumi Yokota and a look at Japan’s culture of commemoration.

2)Philippe Pons, “Enquête: Deux héroïnes très contestées [Investigation: two very controversial heroines], Le Monde, 9 September 2009. — An investigation of Euna Lee and Laura Ling’s cross-border excursion and arrest by North Korean troops.  Not necessarily any bombshells within it, but potentially an important part of the record.  And Philippe Pons is a badass in any case.

3) 朴成局 , “平壤有进行反体制活动的2人乐队: 网友赞成反对论“是朝鲜人”VS“是脱北者或韩国人 [Park Songju, “Pyongyang Has Action by a Reactionary 2-Man Music Band],” Daily NK Chinese, 25 January 2009.
4) Han Young Jin, “1 Platoon of Border Guards Escape North Korea,” correction of bad Daily NK translation from the Chinese with important implications for those who assert North Korean troops move freely in the PRC borderlands.

5) Kim Yong Hun, “More North Korean Agents Dispatched to China,” correction of bad Daily NK translation from the Chinese.

My previous work in deciphering what Daily NK reporters actually reported, as opposed to what their reactionary translators want regime-change bloggers to hear, is available here and here.


French cello music — Video of Saint-Saens warm-ups and exhortations available here.

Academic Rap:

With my Contemporary Japan class

Publication exegesis:

Of my forthcoming academic essays

Hamburg Architecture Firm on Shanghai Invented City architecture, photo by Adam Cathcart
German Architects Raise their works on Shanghai Invented City, photo at Hamburg Exhibition by Adam Cathcart

Fired up and ready to go

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