Day: September 22, 2009

Flower Girls: Prostitution in Hyesan, North Korea

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North Korea / North Korean border region / Sino-North Korean relations

A fall 2009 dispatch from the Daily NK in Chinese (and its English translation) indicated that a prostitution scandal was breaking in Hyesan, North Korea’s fourth largest city, a gray metropolis which sprawls along the banks of the shallow Yalu river across from the Chinese city of Changbai. [Google Map of Hyesan/Changbai available here.] I spent a few days in Changbai in July 2009 to gather impressions of North Korean-Chinese interactions. From talking to locals, […]

Kilograms of Newsprint Plus Franco-Germanic Romanticism Destroys Twitter for a Day

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Cello / German / Pensee

This evening I spent some time in a university library leafing through newspapers, the bitter smell and black ink leaving its mark.  And in the main, it was an ennobling experience.  Musicians who once stared into boxes of kitty litter in attempts to make jingles rip themselves out of depression and mediocrity by writing Halo scores, and now live in comfort on the shores of a giant leviathan-lake.  An opera company in New York begins […]