Day: October 3, 2009

Academic Rap

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Cello / Hip-hop

Yo yo yo I got the first blog about academic rap claptrap deleterious on foreign ministries,  日, various snaps like a turtle on the road to find maps of northeast asia cos the northeast is a major player like Suleski on Manchurian Youth Corps I’ll leave you wanting more in terms of self-expression from anything else you’ll explore tenure prophylactics to speech hatch mathmatical Greeks who count words add up to articles the folded-up crease […]

Underreported News of the Week

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China In the leadup to the 60th anniversary of the PRC, news that would roil or perturb the prevailing amity in Sino-Japanese relations was played down in the Chinese press.  However, in spite of the fact that the BBS boards were mainly wiped clean about the topics, a few potentially significant stories broke through. The Qingnian Cankao reported on secret aspects now coming to light about the foundational documents of U.S.-Japan military cooperation, that is, […]