Day: October 16, 2009

“They Have Guns, and I, a Pen”: Highly Valuable New Source on the Tibetan Rebellion

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German / Sino-German Relations

This 297-page first-person account of the Tibetan uprising of spring 2008 is being published, like, today, in Germany: Tsering Woeser is a Tibetan writer and blogger.  Her book is being published by Lungta Verlag, which is the publishing house for the German Tibet Initiative.  The direct translation of the title into Chinese is “你有枪,我有笔,” but in fact the original title was 《鼠年雪狮吼》 which had been published in Taiwan this past March. or, as JustRecently renders […]

Dog Eat Nationalism and Kobayashi Yoshinori

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Art / Japan / Sino-Japanese Relations / US-Japan relations / World War II

For the last several years I have been collecting the manga of Kobayashi Yoshinori, a rather strong-willed character who argues for a revival of Japanese nationalism and the shedding of Japan’s debilitating war guilt.  He’s been consequently been accused of many things: denying the harm of Japan’s colonization of Taiwan (1895-1945), minimizing the comfort women or ianfu system, glorifying Japanese war criminals, and whitewashing the Rape of Nanking. Throw in a talk-show appearance, a little […]

Seid Umschlungen

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In honor of the German aufschwung that is about to overtake this blog, I present a short excerpt I recorded this August on the North Dakotan (not to be confused with North Korean) frontier.  I’d like to play this piece everywhere as a statement about real globalization.

Zeit Literatur

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Lots of new Chinese writing is being translated into German.  More this afternoon. But for the time being, recognize that German audiences are going to have their heads turned inside out by the appearance, in 2009, of no fewer than four “bad girl” novels such as Shanghai Baby being rendered into German.  And recall that exotic Germans are heavily occidentalized in Wei Hui’s text!