Seid Umschlungen

In honor of the German aufschwung that is about to overtake this blog, I present a short excerpt I recorded this August on the North Dakotan (not to be confused with North Korean) frontier.  I’d like to play this piece everywhere as a statement about real globalization.

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  1. My comment is that the right elbow is slightly suspended, and that the base joints of the right hand appear peaked and somewhat rigid. The whole excerpt should probably be played _from the string_ instead of these thwacks from above. But by and large, cello and voice match pitch, which is a good thing come performance time.

    “Are you a Cobber?” a couple of students asked me afterwords. “No,” I said, “I’m a Lute, and I used to be an Ole,” using our Lutheran college code language as I loosened my bow and stowed the cello for the blitz across a midnight North Dakota night thumping with moths and light beams.

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