Sino-Japanese Notes: Incident in Hiroshima

Chinese media are reporting on an incident with strange resonance in Hiroshima, where on October 18, at about half past midnight Beijing time, a 37-year-old Japanese man attacked the Peace Memorial in an attempt to erase the words “wrong/mistake” (错误)from an inscription, screaming something along the lines of “Things we have done were not wrong!” “自己做的事情没有错” is how the Chinese render it, which I suppose … Continue reading Sino-Japanese Notes: Incident in Hiroshima

In the Mood for Love

China is really working hard to maximize at least the perception that it is the essential promoter of peace in East Asia, posing itself again as a vital go-between for U.S.-DPRK talks.  In this dispatch from Seoul, the Huanqiu Shibao breathes with excitement that an unnamed “high official” in the U.S. Defense Department has told Chosun Ilbo that Kim Jong Il has invited South Korean … Continue reading In the Mood for Love