Blogging from San Francisco

For the next few days, I’m in San Francisco (旧金山) primarily taking care of some research at Stanford University. Specifically, I am digging into the Iris Chang papers at the Hoover Institution Archives, and revisiting bacteriological warfare expert Sheldon Harris’ papers in the same bunker of information. I anticipate meeting up with some colleagues and junior scholars, including a “Reservoir Dogs” style posse from the … Continue reading Blogging from San Francisco

China-DPRK Threads

Kim Jong Il announced two connections with China yesterday; the first was via PLA General Gao Wusheng, who was with a visiting delegation in Pyongyang.  The second was from Jiang Zeting, a vice-chairman of the Beijing section of the Chinese Communist Youth League, the national organization which is Hu Jintao’s old power base.  Kim Jong Il, you’re supposed to be worried about your own Democratic … Continue reading China-DPRK Threads

News from Yanji

Well, North Korea may be on fire, but the wise Chinese Communist Party has apparently decided that releasing the news in the PRC would disturb social harmony.  Or otherwise interfere with its evolving master narrative on North Korea.  As Professor Jonathan Pollack reminds us, the PRC narrative now includes sticks as well as carrots, and features some unprecedented public criticism of North Korea. So instead … Continue reading News from Yanji