Day: October 22, 2009

Pink Cinema Revolution: The Radical Films of Koji Wakamatsu

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Art / Cultural Politics

Several films, grouped under the title of this post, are being shown this weekend, for the first time, in San Francisco.  From the press release: More than any other Japanese films, those made by Koji Wakamatsu in the ’60s and ’70s are deeply rooted in the political and social upheavals of the era. One of the leaders of ‘pink cinema,’ Wakamatsu has always been obsessed with the history of student protest movements. The term ‘pink […]


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U.S.-China Relations / World War II

Today the Chinese Visa Office in San Francisco is as delightful as usual, snug on a corner in Japantown.   After the commerce has been transacted, and the chatting done with the Russian immigrant security guard, I exit.  Here the sunlight splashes down on a California day, and the nice Falun Gong lady just outside smiles, her back to the drawings of vivisections and the obligatory photographs of the Heilongjiang struggle sessions from Red Color News […]