Library Kick-out

It’s a gratuitous post, but I so relish getting kicked out of libraries.  Especially when they close at 1 a.m., and are West Coast, which means the ocean is near, dawn is still distant, and people are starting to dredge themselves out of bed in New York City to pay for those apartments.

And Europe also rising up for travaille!

Stanford library full of goodies.  Including Mobo Gao’s takedown of Jung Chang and her fans.

A few cites for the road:

Henry John May, Little Yellow Gentlemen (1937)

A.T. Steele, Shanghai and Manchuria, 1932: Recollections of a War Correspondent (1977)

Michel Bonnin, Génération Perdue: La mouvement d’envoi des jeunes instruits a la campagne den Chine, 1968-1990

Nicola Spakowski, ‘Mit Mut an die Front’ Koln: 2009

Donald A. Jordan, The Northern Expedition (Hawai’i 1976 !!!)

lights out kick out

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