Strange Photographs of Chinese Power

Chinese icebreaker, The Snow Dragon, off to Antartica, replete with fuzzy mascot and pseudo-Torii

Read more here about this Zheng He-style effort to create the greatest map of Antartica, with 251 scientists and engineers on board, that the world has ever seen.

Reuters, via Arnaud le Grange's blog for Le Figaro

And Arnaud le Grange describes action in the automotive industry (click on the picture to link the story; in French).

via Arnaud Le Grange on Le Figaro on "China's Post-Industrial Aesthetic"

And Le Grange again scores, with a an analysis of exhibitions of young Chinese artists at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (slow upload, but worth it), including the Shanghai artist, Yan Pei-ming, resident in Dijon, France, since the 1980s.   The gallery is located in Beijing at the 798 art colony.  Soft power indeed!

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