New Report on Chinese-North Korean Relations

I don’t know about you, but finding and reading long working papers on such topics as North Korea’s foreign affairs is a real pleasure any day of the week.  Such documents are usually prepared meticulously, and are packed with more quality data than one hundred blog posts or individual news stories.  Yet they are more breathless, and often more relevant and timely, than heavy tomes produced by men like Bradley Martin.  Sometimes pdfs. really do put the smackdown on traditional scholarship.

Yesterday the International Crisis Group produced a new 31-page report on China’s North Korea policy.  The title is Shades of Red: China’s Debate over North Korea; it is available here as a pdf.  The Daily NK’s rapid spin on the report is available here.  I’ll be chewing on it for a couple of days and hope to have some reflections and critiques in this space before long.  In the meantime, enjoy!

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