Civil War Stops for a Day in Mexico to Celebrate Chinese Unity

For all the bellyaching by various Western commentors (including myself) about the various distortions, omissions, and portents of the PRC’s celebration of its 60th anniversary, something good indisputably resulted from that event: peace, for a day, in the wartorn Mexican border city of Tiujana. Tiujuana has been absolutely besotted for many months with internecine drug violence, gang warfare, and random violence.  It is a city … Continue reading Civil War Stops for a Day in Mexico to Celebrate Chinese Unity

Follow-ups on Wen Jiabao’s Pyongyang Trip

The Martyrs’ Cemetary which Wen went to is actually, according to this Chinese news site, about 100 kilometers east of Pyongyang. I had always imagined that this bust looked down upon a valley.  Now it appears it looks at a wall.  Fortunately Wen Jiabao had respectful — yet somewhat loaded — words for the dead, stated in a “轻声 [light/simple]” voice:“岸英同志,半个世纪了!我代表祖国人民来看望你。祖国现在强大了,人民幸福了。你安息吧 [Comrade Anying, half a … Continue reading Follow-ups on Wen Jiabao’s Pyongyang Trip

Bridge Blogging He Jian recently carried a very thought-provoking lecture by the Chinese heavy-metal (and now media consultant) pioneer Kaiser Kuo about Chinese and American “confrontations in cyber-space.”  (The Danwei post and the streaming video of the lecture are available here.)  In it, the author describes briefly the need for more “bridge blogging,” which I define as bloggers translating one another’s work, doing the kind of connecting that … Continue reading Bridge Blogging He Jian