Could Warren Buffett Buy North Korea?

Thus spake the headline in Le Figaro by that paper’s Beijing correspondent Arnaud de le Grange, whose dispatch of 23 October runs goes a little something like this: Le magazine Forbes a mis en parallèle la fortune de certains de ses hôtes du classement des 400 premières fortunes mondiales et les économies de plusieurs pays. Au lieu de se payer châteaux en ­France, îlots paradisiaques dans … Continue reading Could Warren Buffett Buy North Korea?

Protests in Okinawa

Prior to Obama’s upcoming visit to Japan, about 20,000 Japanese took to the streets yesterday in protest in Okinawa.  In the case of the US-Japan alliance, it appears that for all of the political and environmental harmony between Hatoyama and Obama, and in spite of the fact that the Japanese were among the most excited for his having won the Nobel Peace Prize, that certain … Continue reading Protests in Okinawa

Kono Michi

Kono Michi is the pop-music persona of the highly talented Californian/Japanese violinist Michi Wiancko: Michi’s homepage, both in English and Japanese [日文], provides more information about her current projects and performances. Michi and I studied together at the Cleveland Institute of Music, a highly-ranked and rather competitive institution whose guts in which we churned looked like this: Fortunately our teachers’ studios, and the camraderie among … Continue reading Kono Michi

North Korea News Roundup

Almost exactly one year to the day from his election, Barack Obama now has a point man for a controversial arm of his North Korea policy.   Robert King, nominated as Obama’s Special Envoy for North Korea Human Rights Issues, a position created by the North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004, had a hearing on November 5 for Senator John Kerry’s Senate Foreign Relations … Continue reading North Korea News Roundup