Korea Weekend Reads [II]

Via Kushibo in Hawaii, Yonhap reports that Paris-based Reporters Without Borders is sponsoring almost $400,000 in radio broadcasts into North Korea, and announced this during Jack Lang’s trip to Pyongyang, no less.  Closer to home, Kushibo lines up against Euna Lee’s forthcoming memoir of her arrest and rescue from Pyongyang. 

One Free Korea conveys doubts about the death of a North Korean consular official in the Northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang.  Suspicious, indeed.  I am hoping that Chuck Kraus over at the Foreign Devil Blog will have some insightful comment on this one, although it appears he has gone full-on Xinjiang, and gloriously so.   

Back when U.S. had an Urumuqi Consulate; now in Montana; click image for story

And Gusts of Popular Feeling has a magnificent post, very rich in images and comments, on anti-Japanese sentiment propogated among and by South Korean children.  This is definitely worth checking out. 

Protecting the Sovereignty of Dokdo Island, via Gusts of Popular Feeling blog

(Thanks for the tip from ROK Drop’s always-enlightening “Weekly Linklets” on East Asian news and culture.)

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