Day: November 16, 2009

Obama in Shanghai / 奥巴马在上海,第一

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American Foreign Policy / China / Cultural Politics / U.S.-China Relations

Finally, a story worth reading about Obama’s trip to China. And for the record, it’s normal for top university students to be a members of the Communist Youth League, or 青年团.  Does anyone have an idea of how hard it is to get a job for college graduates in China today?  Membership in the Youth League can often help with employment, getting recommendations, etc.  It’s a bit like a student club in the U.S., just […]

Cellistic Saint Saens Part Three

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As part of my ongoing series on the Saint-Saens Cello Concerto, I should like to present the following footage from YouTube of a talented young man playing the concerto’s last movement rather stoically, but expressively, along with a canned electronic, “Music Minus One” version of the piano part. It seems that nineteenth-century French romanticism, in its cellistic form, is alive and growing in an unknown city in South Korea. I have to say I admire […]

Himalayan Shadows

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In addition to the change of tone on North Korea, one of the more interesting trends in recent years in Chinese foreign policy has been the increasingly strident tone against India. What does this have to do with Obama’s trip to Beijing?  Quite a bit, argues an Indian scholar in the Huanqiu Shibao. In the meantime, Chinese are getting nervous about an Indian-Japanese alignment to contain China — suspicions which Hatoyama’s return to “checkbook diplomacy” […]

Dispensible Blog

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My Publications / Pensee

Today this blog is dispensible; only of use for its archive.  Profundities can’t be searched for, only found. However, working in this unmockable space yesterday afternoon, I did manage to get another article submitted to a good journal.  Another 14,400 words are now in the tank of peer review. Ai Weiwei likens the completion of a writing or architectural project to committing murder.   “I move on to the next kill,” he says in his Fa-ke […]