Cellistic Saint Saens Part Three

As part of my ongoing series on the Saint-Saens Cello Concerto, I should like to present the following footage from YouTube of a talented young man playing the concerto’s last movement rather stoically, but expressively, along with a canned electronic, “Music Minus One” version of the piano part.

It seems that nineteenth-century French romanticism, in its cellistic form, is alive and growing in an unknown city in South Korea.

I have to say I admire this boy’s fearless nature.

我们大提琴家怎么都不怕!  真实 – 艺术方面活动都需要那样态度; 无战不胜的。  但是琴是否敌人?  又墙建的,必须有人跳了。  野心,手静,眼高,精神飞了。 小兵不会退出。

Wenn mann etwas echt machen wurden, denn muss mann selbst mit etwas verpflichten…. ein Stuck Musik, zum beispiel.

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