Dispensible Blog

Today this blog is dispensible; only of use for its archive.  Profundities can’t be searched for, only found.

However, working in this unmockable space yesterday afternoon,

University of Washington East Asia Library, Seattle -- photo by Adam Cathcart

I did manage to get another article submitted to a good journal.  Another 14,400 words are now in the tank of peer review.

Ai Weiwei likens the completion of a writing or architectural project to committing murder.   “I move on to the next kill,” he says in his Fa-ke Studios in Beijing.

The tide [大潮] came in huge last night in the Puget Sound; boats scraped along the bottom at midnight, but after great turbulence, by 6 a.m. were buoyed up practically to heaven.

Now I turn towards an orange glowing room in which swords clash with a muted, hazy Qin Shihuangdi; the final encounter brings a certain sharpness.

Certain musicians listen not to their own recordings.

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